Vinification:  The grapes varieties were fermented together and the pulp was left to macerate with the skins, but without the stalks, for about 20 days at a temperature of between 25 and 30 degrees.  It was kept in special tanks for 12 months during which time it was decanted on three occasions to remove the lees.  In autumn of the following year it was put into 225 litre oak casks, where it remained for twelve months and was decanted twice each year.  After this it was bottled and left to settle for 6 months before being released onto the market.

Appearance:The wine has a slightly purple, ruby colour with golden gleams from its long period in cask.  Much of the colour comes from the Garnacha grape.

Aroma:  The aroma has characteristics from its oak ageing – vanilla, black pepper and hints of tobacco.

Taste:  Warm fruit flavours with nuances of vanilla and tobacco.  It is smooth and medium bodied with a good length.